• Secrets of the Soul

    Daily meditations from a growing spectrum of New Thought Leaders

    Transform your life with daily spiritual guides. Dynamic and exciting explorations of New Thought Classics from a variety of writers.

    Printed Books: $19.95 / $29.95
    Explore the Secrets of the Soul
  • Secrets of the Soul

    Daily meditations from a growing spectrum of New Thought Leaders

    Transform your life with these daily spiritual guides. Dynamic and exciting explorations of New Thought Classics from a variety of writers.

    audio Book Downloads: $3.95
    Explore the Secrets of the Soul
Read the Secrets of the Soul
Secrets of the Soul
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New Thought Ancient Wisdom...

A daily quote from the wonderful spectrum of Classic New Thought authors within the online NewThoughtLibrary.com is explored by by a variety of contemporary spiritual leaders in New Thought today. These insights are followed by affirmations which support your spiritual journey. Citations in the online apps and printed books allow for you to look up the quote in your personal library, or use the URL to explore the classic texts from whence the quote came. Readers can get a daily boost online through the wisdom app on DivineJournal.com or where it is placed on writers' webs.

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Secrets of the Soul Daily from DivineJournal.com

About The Authors

New Thought Writers from around the globe Science of Mind, UFBL, DivineUnity, Unity and Independent New Thought Leaders

Ranging from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific, writers hail from around the globe.

The writing program empowers both Senior Sages and New Ministers to create a variety of books during the training program preparing them to spring forward into the burgeoning field of digital authorship.

New Thought leaders who are flush with cash but lack time can engage ghost writers to do the work for them. New Thought leaders who feel they have insights but need additional talent to fulfill their visions can engage co-writers to bring their works to completion.

About the Editor

Avalon de Rossett New Thought Solutions

Senior Spiritual Advisor to the NewThought.NET/work Serving New Thought, Avalon is one of the founders and co-creators of the Universal NewThought.NET/work. Avalon has mentored New Thought Leaders around the globe while supporting thousands of New Thought Sharers through adminstering Spiritual Tech Teams overseeing ground-breaking resources such as the only Universal New Thought directory: FindACenter.com and the world's premiere online Public New Thought Library: NewThoughtLibrary.com and more ...

"Doc" as he called by his students, colleagues and friends, was introduced to New Thought by his grandmother, who along with a Great Aunt shared insights and stories of ancestors who came from as far afield as the Dnieper River Valley. On one side of his family, he is descended from the Earl of Oxford whose youngest son was sent to find his fortune in the Colonies.

Doc sometimes talks about his "past lives in this life" which include some remarkable events and careers in both private security contracting for the military as well as making movies and television both in front and behind the camera. "I don't think about those times that much. I am so involved in sharing New Thought Principles. I work on one project after another. I like to stay in the background and help people, but my friends and colleagues are encouraging me to talk at more conferences and write more books."

In addition to being Senior Spiritual Advisor for the NewThought.NET/work, Doc is busy teaching both creative and persuasive writing to private clients. He is also a Spiritual Advisor / Private Consultant to a select group of clients who keep him on retainer.


Program Application

Secrets of the soul

are the insights that raise the thoughts to a higher plane and thereby lift the heart to celebration of life.


Secrets of the Soul

With the mind, we find reason.
Within the heart, we find love.
Within the soul, we find the secrets of the universe.

Happy Easter!
  • Insight for the Day:
    'Change your thinking, change your life' sounds simple. Yet we all know the story about the person told not to think about the elephant. When told NOT to think about something, it seems one is in a catch 22. Not so easy. Yet there is a three day method which is quite powerful. One can in fact bury the old self and rise again in three days in a new energetic form. This is especially useful for those who are trapped within a vicious work schedule but occasionally have a three day weekend. We learn to 'let the dead, bury the dead' and move forward in conscious spiritual evolution. Combining this with the 22 day epigenetic affirmation course yields deep, lasting and usually permanent transformation.

  • Affirmation for the Day:
    I rise each day and pray knowing I am guided by the divine. I am happy to shine, this little light of mine.
  • Epiphany Embodiment of Divine Being
  • Insight for the Day:   All people have what is called "self-talk". We are continually telling ourselves all sorts of things. Some, perhaps most people never still their mind stream. This is the normal human pattern. In contrast to this, the New Thought practitioner chooses health and lives a personal spiritual practice which encompasses the rhythms of life. Write a set of night time affirmations to enable the proper direction of thoughts at sleep time. Read one of these affirmations just prior to swimming the river of sleep. This investment is well worth it! 
  • Affirmation for the Day: I am a powerful practioner embracing the rhythms of life. I affirm joy, health and strength. I sleep deep and awaken refreshed!
April 7th
  • Festival of Maa Sarasawati
    (Angel of learning, wisdom, knowledge, fine arts, refinement, science and technology.) ~ Winter Break Begins
  • Insight for the Day: Art and Science are sacred siblings in life. Wisdom is not simply the accumulation of knowledge, but rather the rendering of knowledge into a higher form through its combination with compassionate undertanding. New Thought does not shirk responsibility or shrink from the truth unveiled by science. New Thought embraces truth. In fact, Truth Teachings are another name for New Thought. Thus we walk the spiritual path of truth co-creating and cooperating in the creation of a world of peace and prosperity for all. 

    Affirmation for the Day: I awaken to my personal strength and inner wisdom. I am an active co-creator. I spiritually treat and move my hands and feet. I accomplish and succeed.
  • First Day of DivineUnity Lent A time of cleansing.
  • Insight for the Day:  Some folks find themselves repeating old mantras of pain and problems. These are the gossips who share the most absurd details of their lives and others on Social Media. They are the ones who roast their online friends and flame their cyber-enemies. Unable to live within the moment, they are lost within the past. In contrast to such beings, the powerful New Thought Pracitioner releases past pain and problems through the process of forgiveness. To forgive is not to forget, but it is most certainly not to dwell upon past problems. In short, we give forth. We offer love and find inner peace through the proccess of giving forth. Do not cast stones or fashion the bones of the past into weapons. Follow sound farming principles, placing the stones to the side of the field and using the bones as a source of nutrition for the plants in the garden. Let your pain be fertilizer for creativity, not gossip for Facebook. 

    Affirmation for the Day: My pain is simply fertilizer. I am a gardener for God. I awaken with a smile, leaving the past beneath the sod.
Christian New Thought Day
New Thought March Celebrations
  • Insight for the Day:
      There are many forms of New Thought. We find various schools within our movement. Mental Science focuses on the power within. Science of Mind follows in the footsteps of John Bascom embracing Science as a means to explain our universe and provide insights to success. Buddhist New Thought focuses on the Universal Mystical Law of Cause and Effect. Abrahamic New Thought includes Jewish Science, Sufi Wisdom and Christian New Thought. The latter, Chrstian New Thought is celebrated every year toward the close of winter. On the first Sunday in March. Rise up and celebrate! 

  • Affirmation for the Day: I leave behind the winter days, and rise within the spring. I am my own song of Spirit, of love and life I sing!
  • Festival of Human Rights
    June 21. - June Solstice
  • Insight for the Day:
      Within the DivineUnity form of New Thought, we find a celebration of Human Rights through their expression in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The world would be a poor and dismal place without human rights. Most certainly it would not include spiritual paths of personal liberation which do not fit well with the ideas of domination enshrined within Fascism and Communism. Share love and peace will abound. Cultivate peace and love will flourish. Be one with the truth of Oneness and you will find yourself surrounded by loving beings who share your delight in the magnificence of life. 

    Affirmation for the Day: I am the light within the darkness. I am the voice that speaks truth to power. I am one with love for all who will not cower.
August 23. - New Thought Day
  • "The truth, once announced, has the power not only to renew but to extend itself. New Thought is universal in its ideals and therefore should be universal in its appeal Under the guidance of the spirit, it should grow in good works until it embraces many lands and eventually the whole world."
    ~ Mr. James A. Edgerton
    on New Thought Day, August 23, 1915
  • Insight for the Day: The powerful New Thought practioner is aware that the greatest power is derived through empowering others. In contrast to those religious paths that teach submission and obeisance, New Thought teaches co-creation and co-operation. We teach the path the At-one-ment is not a path of loss or pain, but instead is a path of empowerment. Science has taught us that one of the most powerful antidotes to depression is caring for others. This is also a path to enormous joy. "Arise ye dwellers in the dust. Awaken and sing!"

    Affirmation for the Day: I am the love within my life. I am the balm that soothes the strife. I join with others in co-operation. We share Divine co-creation.
  • December 18.
    First Day of New Thought December Celebration
  • Insight for the Day: In the north, the days are at their shortest length. In the South the sun is at its greatest strength. Northern winters grip the land with a fierce frozen fist, whereas the southern sun liquifies asphalt and encourages the making of lemonade. In New Thought, we do not lament the winter, or decry the summer sun. We celebrate the seasons as they are as they come and go. Like John Bascom, the originator of Science of Mind, we embrace the moment with laughter and smile. We are one with God and God is expressing through us.

    Affirmation for the Day: I nurture the light within. I am a true friend. Even a pale ember can spark the fire again. I am steady.

New Thought

New Thought Art

Can you guess which New Thought Postcards feature Barbara Hull's Paintings?

New Thought for the New Millennium
Arise and Sing:

Song of the Universe by Barbara Hull

Experience the Beauty Way, blossom within!
You are invited

to the Land of Enchantment Fellowship of Spirit, New Mexico

DivineUnity Principles
There is one power

The Kingdom is within DivineUnity Principles

In Contrast with the Original New Thought Day, Christian New Thought Day is a recent creation
Christian New Thought Day vs.

New Thought Day August 23rd

Awaken and sing the song of spring
March New Thought

Festival of Spring Awaken to the higher

Transformation, Evolution, Enlightenment

Transformation, Evolution, Enlightenment Song Of Universal Life - S.O.U.L.

See as God Sees, Know as God Knows, Grow as God Grows
New Thought Development

Fellowship of Spirit April 8th - 11th, 2015

Ride the Peacock of Delight, especially Midsummer Night!
Midsummer Delights

All Day All Night

New Thought Canada by Rev. Tim Peterson
New Thought Development

Biennial Conferences: Canada / USA Canada 2016

Infinity cannot be charted
Infinity cannot be charted

Eternity cannot be corraled ~DivineTAO.com

September 18

Awakening to the realisation Wisdom is knowledge

Let your path be as water ...
Divine Tao 8

Be as water unafraid to flow

Steve Walling Pioneers New Thought Festivals
New Thought Festivals

Rev. Dr. Steve Walling supports Fresno and the Central Valley

Thansgiving is an essential part of New Thought
New Thought Thanksgiving is a season

October and November

New Thought December Celebration begins on the 18th
December 18

The first step to Prosperity is GIVING

New Thought December Celebration begins on the 18th
New Thought December Celebration

A heart filled with love helps the mind be understanding

New Thought Art Downloads

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Barbara Hull

New Thought Artist Does book covers

Barbara Hull is one of the most exciting New Thought artists.
From paintings of the Canadian wilderness to cosmic consciousness depictions of distance galaxies, "Barbara is an extraordinary artist. Talented and spiritually gifted. We have her work in our prayer rooms because it supports higher consciousness."
~Rev. Dr. Tim Peterson
Barbara Hull's graces the walls of New Thought meditation rooms and spiritual centers around the globe.

Prints signed by the artist

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  • Quality printing
  • Signed by the artist
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Bid on Original Art

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BARBARA HULL New Thought Artist

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Creativity is the Heartbeat of Spiritual Evolution which supports deep transformation through higher consciousness .

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